Friday, July 20, 2018

Faux Wall Paneling for Outdoor Signs & Marquees

We've all observed those flimsy old customer facing facade signs. The ones that seem as though they are without a doubt going to blow throughout whenever a whirlwind comes through.

What is wall paneling?
Faux wall paneling is basically a light and efficient way to cover up your space. In other words they are fake divider boards that have the appearance of realistic fabric but are made of cardboard materials. They are cheap, light weight and convenient.

Is this your business?

Try not to be that business.
Tune in, we realize that replacing your sign or marquee can be a costly accomplishment. What's more, a not generally simple one, either? A great many people love the look of block, stone or wood on their signs yet the certainties remain: the materials are costly, substantial, and tedious to introduce. Only one out of every odd organization has this in their financial plan and that is alright. If you would like to use fake wall paneling for outside marquees and signs feel free to use them. There’s no shame in that. Besides it will do you a world of good such as reducing costs or simply making it look more beautiful

Be that as it may, the flimsy old sign? This isn't alright.

Rather, you can utilize fake divider framing to totally change your outside sign or marquee without spending a huge amount of cash or taking up a great deal of time.

Not at all like bona fide stone or block, is false stone and fake block amazingly lightweight. Actually, the normal board weighs just around 9 pounds. (On the off chance that this number sounds substantial to you, at that point we may need an alternate discussion.) The best part about these terrible young men? They can be introduced by the regular person OR Jane.

The truth is out, they are DIY.
Fake divider framing is amazingly straight forward to introduce, and should be possible so on any current divider surface. All that is required? A couple of standard instruments, a basic cement, and a few screws!

Notwithstanding being lightweight and simple to introduce, fake divider framing is UV safe and weatherproof. Which makes the material a no brainier to use for an open air sign or marquee! As you most likely are aware, the climate is to a great degree unusual.

(Arbitrary idea: Have you at any point thought that it was unjustifiable that Weathermen can be totally mistaken in their occupations on right around a regular routine, yet they don't lose their business? Something worth mulling over.)

Having an item that fairs well in erratic climate is perfect! Regardless of the measure of sun, rain or snow that comes your direction your sign will climate the tempest without a hitch. And the greater part of this should be possible for far less cash than utilizing conventional stone, block or wood.

On the off chance that your business need another sign or marquee, or your present sign needs some TLC, consider utilizing Faux Wall Paneling from Faux Direct. In the event that you aren't sure the look you are going for, you can arrange a couple of tests first! Contact us at whenever with any inquiries you may have about our items. We are here to help!

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